Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How to Handle Life According to My Pets

I have been extremely frustrated with the world, with people and with myself the past week or so. Even more so the past couple of days. I "fret" a lot. I'm trying so hard to learn to trust God, to let things go into His capable hands, and to let go. When I asked God in prayer "What do you want me to do!? (about all this going on)" His answer only was: "Let me do it." Which follows along with earlier things I have heard from God the past 7 months: "Wait". "You don't have to fight so hard." Oh how I like to fight and try to do everything for myself, exhausted as I am.

My pets, however; they have such a great way to handle everything. They are experts in handling life. The following pictures are examples of exactly how my pets handle everything from me telling them "I'm worried about my future" to "I'm scared no one at my new school is going to like me" to "I think my milk has gone bad" to "I can't find anything around this house!"

My chocolate lab's answer to everything: I'll lay here in front of the door and keep the outside world from getting in. Don't worry... I'll protect you from everything.

My Great Pyrenees: Sleep cures everything so go take a nap. Just don't come in here with me. This is MY spot.

The cat: Lets lick the Bible and see if that gives us any answers ;)

My 145 pound Newfoundland puppy: Let's just sleep it off. Don't worry about it.

My Border Collie: "Problem? What problem!?Let's play ball! "


Brandi said...

hehe! and I can see why you love them all. :-)

cause I fell for them too!!!!

Anonymous said...

My cats have another solution -- let's just cuddle. Everything will be fine if you scritch my head right there in that one spot next to my ear. :)