Wednesday, November 23, 2011

When Prayers Go Unanswered

For a few months now I've been having a really hard time that seems to keep getting harder.
Life has been tough lately. I talk to God, I do the things I know to do, yet life is one test after another lately. Prayers go unanswered, even when I ask hundreds of people to pray. I watch other people get their breakthroughs time and time again--yet I wait, wait, wait. Fear. Sink a little. Feel a little more lost.
I have learned some things though.
A lot of hard things. Nothing easy at all.

But I know this.

Even when my prayers appear to go unanswered....
The Almighty God, maker of the universe, still hears me.
He still loves me. Even if He never did answer my prayers, He still loves me. Unanswered prayer does NOT equal not loving, not hearing, not listening, not caring.
He is still sovereign. The LORD God is still in control of everything.
He can still work all things together for good-- because HE is good, because HE is faithful, because HE is unchanging and holy.
He still guides my steps. Even if I can't see for the darkness in front of me, He still watches my every move, and He has a plan.
I can still expect God to take care of me.

So, yah. Just putting it out there. But please pray anyway, for me. I need a miracle or two to happen. Right now would be good.


Belle said...

I believe God has answered your prayers. He has said either wait or no. Sometimes we have to accept that He won't give us what we want for some good reason. Sometimes he makes us wait for years until we have grown in faith.

This year has been horrible for me in so many ways, the worst being that my grandson died. I've been praying for him since the day he was born. I did not ever think God would take him. But I know He did for a very good reason. It is so hard to see how my daughters suffer from missing Craig. We are leaning on God each day for comfort and he is giving us that each day. But it is still hard.

Other sad things are going on in my family. But we live in a sinful, sad world and I try not to look and think about the sad things but to look to God and the hope of heaven. Everyone in the world suffers and we are among them. There is no getting away from it, we have to ask God for strength to bear whatever may come.

I probably have written too much. I want to help, but I won't be upset or anything if you just take this comment off. God bless you and keep you. May his face shine upon you and give you peace.

Michelle's Day said...

i do pray that God gives you miracles! there's a line in a song by Sarah Kelly that says, "i asked for silver, but You gave me gold" meaning, of course, that sometimes we ask for less than what He's going to do for us because He sees so much more than we do.

i pray for some peace and a lessening of the difficult in your life. you're still having that hopeful attitude, though -- keep it up.