Saturday, August 2, 2008

Blessings at the Beth Moore Conference today

Last night and today I was lucky enough to be at the Beth Moore conference today at my church. She is a Christian speaker who totally knows how to get to the heart of women. I could listen to her all day. I tell you, if I could, I would sit and listen to Joyce Meyer and Beth Moore talk for the rest of my days. Well today I just happened to be wearing my dichroic cross, which someone noticed. Before I knew it I had several people looking at it and asking about my jewelry! My husband was kind and patient enough to drive all the way out to the church (not exactly a quick drive) to bring some samples so I could show people. By the end of the conference I had sold three pieces! That is DEFINITELY a God thing. I just make this stuff because it makes me happy and because I like to bless people. I've given away more than I've sold. But today I actually sold some more!

To any of the new people I met today: please read my blog!~ And check out my other websites!
I have a support board for Christians at if anyone would like to come hang out with me and my friends as well.

And thank you everyone for being such a blessing today!

Be sure to check out her website too.

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Brandi said...

hooray!!! I am so happy for you!!!