Monday, August 11, 2008

Blessings today!

I'm SO relieved because I went to my new school today to move all my heavy boxes in and when I was there I met some of the teachers. I met the pre-K teacher who my kids will have some inclusion time , and she was SO nice and SO sweet! I think it will be easy to work with her-- she's a doll. I also met some of the upper grade teachers and they said they were glad to have my class there! I met the kindergarten teacher who is next door to me, and she seems really nice too! I also met the school nurse and the head custrodian, and they were very kind (I'm sorta not used to that )
The teachers in my hallway at my old school were nice, and I am going to miss them, but I am really glad I have new people waiting for me to work with at my new school. Hopefully the rest of the kindergarten teachers will be just as nice. I am starting to feel a LITTLE better about moving schools.