Thursday, August 14, 2008

Do You Ever Reminisce...

The early 1970's were very good to me ;) Sometimes I miss some of the simple, terrific things from back then. Sure, it might have been just because I was little, but everything seemed so much simpler in the 70's. Everything in the world is just so complicated now. Whether getting around the internet or getting around SuperWalmart, it just seems like everything has lost its simplicity. I kind of (sometimes) miss getting only 3 channels on the tv...and only 1 of those coming in clearly... and having to get up to switch channels on the tv. Sometimes I miss the Disney Sunday Night Movie and Afterschool Specials and Magilla Gorilla.
Which gets me wondering, how many people sat around in the 1970's thinking "This age is so complicated... boy I miss the 50's!" I know that for one, my dad loves to sit around talking about "the good old days"-- which as far as I can tell, fell somewhere between 1940 (when he wasn't even born yet but his parents were 1st married) and the 1970's (when my sister and I were still little).
Whether you've got an inkling to reminisce back to the 40's, 50's, or 80's, here is a great website that has all sorts of those cartoon characters, tv ads, and even cereal boxes from back then-- so go take a look and enjoy a travel back to your childhood (unless you were born after abotu 1980... I can't help ya there.)

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