Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 Random Facts about Me

Just because....no one ever asks and I just feel like talking!
1. I am a Christian, which is the most important thing about me. I live for Christ.
2. I don't care about being popular, don't care what people think about me, or care if people think that I am close-minded or wrong because I believe that the Bible is literal & true. God's opinion of me is more important.
3. My hair used to be over 3 feet long! Now it is only 3 inches long. A few years ago it was donated to Locks of Love. I'm thinking of growing it back out.
4. DH and I have been married since 1997. I think. He is the one who remembers dates, not me!
5. We have 4 big dogs & 1 cat. All of them are slowly taking over the house. They are smarter than us. And they know it.

6. My favorite dessert is my mom's "wacky cake" which is home made devil's food cake, with my sister's home made frosting. Dessert doesn't get better than that!
7. I collect fairies & butterflies, and sometimes I collect dust :-P
8. I was a special ed teacher for 12 years. Now I am a nanny for a precious little baby.

9. In 1993 God called me (in my bathroom, of all places) to "keep care of the children" as the calling on my life. So that's what I've been doing. God talked to Joyce Meyer in her bedroom making her bed. He talked to me in my bathroom on the floor by the sink. God certainly does look for people in all places!
10. My favorite music is anything by Michael W. Smith, who I've listened to since 1988. He is now a grampa and is STILL totally HOT. As the years have gone on and we've both gotten older, my sister & I have referred to him as a babe, and a hottie, & sexy, but now he is just one hot grandfather ;) I think that I still have hearing loss from a few WAY TOO LOUD rock concerts of his from the 90's....
11. My favorite food is pizza. I can live off it for days. At the military base there is this amazing place called Anthony's...theirs is the best. Whoever Anthony is, he should move into my house and make me pizza every night.
12. My sister is an artist. People should buy her stuff. Really, you should, because she is really good and she is SO nice.

13. My favorite book in the Bible is Psalms. But sometimes I wonder if David was bipolar. He sure did have moods that went all over the place... but I like to read psalms because whatever mood I am in from angry to happy, there is something in it for me.
14. I got to name my sister when she was born. I named her Lisa because my favorite show at the time was Green Acres, and that was the lady's name on there.
15. My favorite pair of shoes are a pair of Doc Marten boots. I am wearing them out.
16. My favorite charity is Hand of Hope which is a division of Joyce Meyer Ministries. Most of their money goes straight to the kids & families. I dont want children to have to eat dirt to fill their tummies, or to have no clean water to drink, or be sold into sex slavery. JMM is awesome about supporting children around the world.
17. Speaking of which, Joyce Meyer ROCKS!!! She is my favorite speaker. I love to watch Enjoying Everyday Life which is on tv every morning, afternoon, and evening on SOME channel or another...you can find it just about everywhere these days.
18. My other favorite speaker is Beth Moore. Wednesdays With Beth is one of my favorite programs.

19. I like to make jewelry, and I like to paint. I'm not that thrillingly good at either one yet, but they are hobbies that make me happy.
20. My favorite way to spend a Saturday night is to curl up on the couch with a book and a thick blanket, and watch a movie with my husband.
21. I am learning Swedish.

22. I also know Spanish and sign language.
23. Roller Coaster Tycoon is my favorite game. Or should I say, favorite way to pass hours and hours of time accomplishing absolutely nothing.

24. My niece and nephew bring me more joy than any other kids I've ever met.
25. One of the best things people can ever do for me is pray for my family to be blessed.

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Just Me said...

I so agree with you on mumber 4. I remember the year my husband and I got married but not the date. it is somewhere in the 20's. I always have to go back to the 1999calendar and look for the Saturday *lol* If someone asks me when we got married and he is around he gives me a look because he know that I don't know *lol* I tell him that it doesn't matter because I love him just the same. He still gives me the look.