Friday, February 6, 2009

Thinking about my future

Just looking for some thoughts! I have SO many options. Since quitting teaching and becoming a nanny, I am no longer stressed out & crazy busy like I used to be. I actually have time to THINK and be calm now.
The baby sleeps a good deal of the day, so I have time to be online & to study.
I just took a really hard exam to add on my regular education teaching certification to my profile in case I ever decide to go back to teaching--that thing was freaking HARD--but I managed to get an A, of all surprises. So I have that, in case I ever decide to teach again. (No more special ed for me, thank goodness.)
But I have lots more options than that. Some new friends of mine are massage therapists, a couple work in natural health care, and a couple are pastors. They ALL seem to really really love their jobs.I think I would really love to do ANY of those things.I would love to work in ministry. I would love to be a massage therapist. I would love to work in natural healthcare. I would love to work in a nursing home. I would love to work as a children's minister. I would love to work in missions in other countries, or even on the streets of America. I could homeschool other people's children. I could open my own preschool. I lots of things.
The family I work for would like me to stay with them for five to ten years to raise their children (which is great because I love this family). But babies won't be babies forever, and eventually I will move on to something else.

So I was thinking, I have a lot of time to study and do things online during the day-- I could get a degree online. But in what? Health care? Theology? More teaching degrees? I have prayed and prayed, but God hasn't given me anything specific yet.
It has been a LONG LONG time (nearly twenty years) since I was in a position to decide "what do I want to do with my life?"... so I am up in the air right now about this.

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