Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Needing Prayer

If you are one of the dozen or so people who regularly reads my blog, would you please pray for me and my family?
Ever since I got baptized a few weeks ago, it is like my mind, heart, and my family are under attack. I am pretty sure that we ARE and that I'm not making this up. Since the day I got baptized, things have been going to bad to worse every day.
My sister and her husband had to declare bankruptcy. On the day they went to court and found out they could lose their property, they also found out that her husband is being sued by his former employer, who is trying to get him to stop working for his new boss. Then her 3 newborn kittens died. My mom and dad are having to declare bankruptcy and may lose their property as well, because they have a greedy and unjust banker on their back. They are both long and complicated stories, but that's the jist of it. The thing is, my family hasn't done anything WRONG. They are all good people.
I'm so stressed out that its making me sick. I'm so worried about them, and I feel helpless. I'm sleeping a lot but still exhausted, and having trouble eating because I get stomach aches. Then there are just little things going on, little disappointments going on, that keep coming up. Like finding out I can't get the day off work to go volunteer at the Joyce Meyer Conference in Tulsa in May. Like my car breaking down and using my savings to fix it. Like the baby crying for 2 hours straight. There's a host of other things going on too, but i'll leave it at that.
Could you just pray?
I know that the Bible says that God tests us to build our character. Which is all well and good. But I sure wish that I could get through this wilderness soon. I don't want to be like the Israelites and spend FORTY years making an 11 day journey to the promised land. I've been going around this mountain long enough already, thanks. Its been about 25 years for me now-- seriously. I'm ready to have it over. So God can have my deliverance come any day now. It feels like time is moving so slowly lately. And I'm trying so hard to learn what I'm supposed to learn so I can get out of this wilderness time of my life.
Please pray that God will help my family out. And that God will strengthen me and help me out here too.

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