Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Crank it Up

You know how you're driving along on a nice peaceful (ha ha) highway and then up from behind you comes some crazy teenager who has their music cranked up so loud its like they want to share it with the world? And their bass is booming so loud that you wonder how long until the mirrors break in their car.... you contemplate the cost of their future hearing aide... and then mumble about how back in the day when YOU were a kid, you NEVER would have thought of playing YOUR music that loud?

I confess I'm one of those.

No, not the mumblers.

I'm one of the losing-my-hearing-cracking-the-glass-in-my-car people. you know.

I'm one of those annoying people who has my music up that loud at 7:30 in the morning who you just want to scream at "Turn it down already!"

The thing is, I've already got the hearing-loss thing going (rampant untreated ear infections from childhood, and way too many "Hey guess what we have seats right next to the speakers at the DC Talk Concert!" days with my sister) and I, in fact, DO want to share my music with the people around me, in hopes it'll catch on.

I confess also that part of the reason my music is up so loud is that so you can't hear me singing along.

But if you did hear me singing (and lets hope not), this is what you would have heard this morning along Loop 12:

How Great is Our God

VERSE(1):The splendor of a King,Clothed in majestyLet all the earth rejoice,All the earth rejoiceHe wraps himself in light,And darkness tries to hide And trembles at his voice,And trembles at his voice

CHORUS(1):How great is our God, sing with me How great is our God,and all will see How great, How great Is our God

VERSE(2):Age to age he standsAnd time is in His Hands Beginning and the End, Beginning and the EndThe Godhead, Three in oneFather, Spirit, SonThe Lion and the Lamb,The Lion and the Lamb

CHORUS(1): How great is our God, sing with meHow great is our God,and all will seeHow great, How greatIs our God

CHORUS(2)Name above all namesYou are Worthy of all praise and My heart will sing how greatIs our God(x2)

CHORUS(1): How great is our God, Sing with meHow great is our God,and all will seeHow great, How greatIs our God

No matter what I struggle with, or how hard life gets, this will always be true.

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