Monday, July 6, 2009

Compassion International

Look who I just adopted! Isn't she precious? Her name is Jocelyn and she's 6 years old. She likes to play with dolls and goes to Bible School. Please pray for her. God did something really great for me today-- he helped my parents out in an awesome way by helping them get free from a lousy boss they had. I was so grateful that I wanted to do something for God to show my thankfulness. I can't think of anything I'd rather do for God than help take care of one of his children.

Sponsoring a child through Children International is easy and quick. You can search for children by many different criteria such as country, gender, need, age, and more. The cost is only $38 a month and for that you not only get the opportunity to pray for and take care of a specific child, but you can send them gifts, even send their family gifts if you like, enabling others to share the gospel with them, and get several letters a year in return. Best of all, you're helping take care of the children that Jesus loves and helping others spread the love of Jesus to them.


Chad Wood said...

this is a good thing you are doing :)

Mel said...

She is beautiful! Thanks for sharing about her and about Compassion International. It is a wonderful organization.

We also enjoy sponsoring an adorable little girl through them. Our child is from Tanzania Africa, and her name is Neema. She blesses us so much.