Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bible League International

Can you help out? Right now Bibles are needed in Southeast Asia for people that have NONE. Can you imagine not having ANY Bible? My house is so full of different versions of the Bible to enjoy that I cannot even imagine having ZERO access to a Bible.
Right now you can give the gift of Bibles to people in Southeast Asia, and any monetary amount that you give with be DOUBLED by other donors. Its double for your trouble--each Bible costs only $4.00. The people on the phone are really nice. PLEASE help spread God's word.
Just call 1-800-937-9673 or look for the link on (my favorite radio station) Or, you can look up Bible League International.
Can you imagine meeting someone in Heaven someday, and they tell you "I'm here today because I read God's Word--- from a Bible that YOU sent to me"? Can you IMAGINE?!?

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