Tuesday, February 23, 2010

All I Want

Been a rough couple of weeks inside my head, and just posting this to keep my mind & heart straight-- this is one of my favorite songs: Michael W Smith's "All I Want". I like to play it really loud in my car on the way home from work sometimes.


Michelle's Day said...

THANK YOU for posting this!!!!!!! THANK YOU for your honesty!!!!!! THANK YOU for the encouraging/convicting song/video!!!!!!! If it helps in any way -- kindof a "misery loves company" -- i'm not doing so great the past couple weeks either. Some good parts, but a lot of bad parts. God is still good!!!!!! And He's still right here with us!!!

Just Me,Pilgrim said...

Thank you Michelle... I love your comments & your e-mails...they mean so much to me. Things are mostly good, but sometimes things in my head get a bit wonky. :/ Lots going on, lots of thoughts, lots of loudness in my head. But you are right--in it all, God is still good, and He works everything out for His good pleasure, and that is something I can count on.