Sunday, February 7, 2010

Animals are Amazing

This is just a little happy thing I wanted to share today. I love animals-- especially elephants. They're just such a majestic, incredible animal. I love how when one of them from the herd dies, they all mourn. I love how when I visit them at the zoo, I can look them in their big, gentle eyes and practically hear all their thoughts. They are deep thinkers, elephants are. I wonder what secrets to the universe they hold. I wonder if they have a direct line to God, like so many other animals seem to have.
This is an amazing video. Enjoy!

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Michelle's Day said...

We had an elephant at the Alaska Zoo that painted. I think the zoo had to relocate her, though, because the weather wasn't quite right here for an elephant. i should take a video of Seth doing his elephant impersonation -- hilarious!