Friday, June 18, 2010

Enjoy the Blessing

Today I had the house to myself for a while-- just baby & I. She was sleepy, finally. I gave her a bottle and she rocked to sleep quickly. Holding her there in my arms in the darkened room, I considered putting her in her crib and going off to other things. Get some exercise. Get on the computer. Put the dishes away. I considered texting my sister or my mom to tell them how cute she was just cuddled there against my chest, because she's still at that age--3 months-- where she fits just right. It was so quiet-- and I was just restless, looking to add some noise, felt like I had to get up and DO something.
And then God spoke to me, as He often does in those still, silent moments. Just as He often does in that quiet voice of His:
Be still and enjoy the blessing. Just enjoy the blessing.
And I knew what I needed to do then. I put my phone back in my pocket, put my thoughts of getting up and getting busy in the back of my mind. Cuddled the baby tighter. And took the next hour to hold the baby while she slept. I remember how when I was a busy special ed teacher not so long ago I used to pray so hard to have times like this-- to just have quiet moments rocking babies and giving bottles. That was all I wanted to do. And now, here I am. Not because I deserve it or because I earned it but just because God is so good and so faithful.
So I took the time to enjoy my blessing-the stillness, the sweet smell of the baby's newly washed hair, the in & out of her tiny breath, her soft skin. And took time to thank God and to remember the One who gave me this blessing, because so often I get wrapped up in the busy-ness of life and even when I give thanks for the things God gives me, I don't always take time to just be still and ENJOY them.
So today I did.


Michelle's Day said...

GOOD for you!!!!! It's SO hard to just STOP and enjoy a blessing! But oh, so worth it :-)

susanna said...

Just thought you would want to know that you won the red letter words giveaway on the tired supergirl blog! :)
That is something happy to think about. :) Contact me at so I can get you connected with Dee from red letter words so you can pick out your print. Sue (tsg)