Sunday, September 5, 2010

No Worries!

Isn't it wonderful when you're having a tough time, worry about life and all you have to do and how to get through today... and then something little comes along that just makes your day? Its like God comes along and gives you a little gift that says, "I'm still here-- I'm thinking of you."

This morning at church I met a little girl in the cafe. She was there with her Me-maw... that'd be Texan for Grandma. Apparently, while I was looking at books on a shelf in the hall, being my usual clueless self, she was trying to get my attention and my husband pointed her out to me. I turned around, and there she was.
"Look at my dress my Me-maw made for me!" she announced.
"Oh, you look just beautiful!" I told her as I admired her purple, handmade sundress. "You look like a princess."
"I," she declared, "am not a princess."
I was a bit perplexed as to why a four year old would not be a princess until I got down on her level and examined her dress closer and realized what print it had on it. "OOooooooh... you look like Tinkerbell!"
She nodded and happily twirled around several times for my husband and I, making her sundress flare out around her knees. "And see my pink toenails? And see my pink fingernails?"
I appropriately ooohed and aaahed over her lovely toes and fingers, and she twirled a few more times for me while she chattered away about her dress and her Me-maw. After a couple of minutes I started to lead her back down the hallway back to the cafe, lest her Me-maw start to worry about her.
"Oh, its okay," Tinkerbell announced. "Me-maw knows where I am. No worries!" she shouted as she waved bye to me and smiled again.

Isn't it great when God just brings you a bright ray of sunshine? Especially in a Tinkerbell dress that reminds you, "No worries!"? And wherever you are, whatever is in your heart today: your Heavenly Father knows where you are. He will find you. No worries.

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Belle said...

That's a lovely story.
I remember when God sent someone to make me feel better. My daughters were away for a month visiting their father, and I was sitting in church missing them so much. The lady in front of me was their church teacher. She turned around and gave me two craft sets for my girls. She said she missed them and wanted them to be able to make what the other kids were making.

It made me feel so happy that someone else was thinking of my daughters.