Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Ever have those moments that just tug at your heart strings? So much that it hurts, sometimes? With 2 little ones running around the house at full speed these days, some times we can get so busy that we can't even catch our breath, let alone enjoy a moment. There are spilled cups of juice and milk, boo-boos to be kissed, falls, toys getting stepped on, doors getting accidently slammed, sisters hurting each other's feelings, and the ever present noise of children running amock.
But sometimes-- there are those moments.
Those great moments in history that make you slow down and think--ahhh. This is why. This is why I get up in the morning.
Yesterday, at lunch, just at random-- absolutely no reason, toddler looks up at me and says in her sing-song voice: I love you!
Me: I love you too.
Toddler: "I love YOU!"
Me: No I love YOU!
Toddler: I love YOU!
Me: I love YOU!
Toddler: Sudden fit of giggles because she realizes this could go on all day.

Then today at naptime, its the littler one's turn to go to bed 1st, which toddler loves, because that gives her extra alone time with me: get that baby out of the way, she gets time in my lap with a story or extra songs. Today she got in her bed all by herself and said, "Lay with me just a minute. Just 4 minutes." (Where does she get this stuff?) Okay, I said. "Four minutes."
So I lay down next to her, my arm over her, and did her favorite thing: we look in each other's eyes and rub each other's back with our free hands. If I could freeze time, this would be the moment. How did that little baby I fell in love with become this beautiful, big girl who is almost three? How did that HAPPEN?
Her: Sing the Sun song.
So I sang her, "You are my Sunshine." Does she really know how much I love her? Does she get it? Do I say it enough? Does she KNOW?
Then we look at each other some more. Rub backs some more. Stare at each other. I love intimate moments like this. Where can you anything like this with anyone else but with a toddler? Who else trusts you this much but to stare in their eyes and watch them so closely? I wonder, does she trust me that much? Does she realize I would never hurt her? Is this how God feels about us?
Me: I love you,baby.
Her: Yah.
Then she closed her eyes and started to go to sleep.
I wouldn't trade moments like this for anything in the world.
Do you suppose God feels the same way about us, when we just let Him love on us? Do you think it just makes Him happy when we just sit back and spend some time with him, and allow him to shower some love on us...and let Him say I love you, and instead of the usual "But I'm not worthy God, I'm so lousy at x,y,z, I am a horrible person, I can't do anything right..." ...instead of all that... do you suppose God celebrates when the things He created just lets Him love on us, and when He's good to us and says I love you, we just finally GET IT and say.... "Yah." ?

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Belle said...

A beautiful post, and yes, I guess God loves us that much. It is hard to fathom.