Thursday, August 4, 2011

He's better to me than I deserve. (So what else is new?)

God is WAY, WAY better to me than I deserve Him to be.
This is old news, right?
Yet, when God does something for me, it still just shocks the bejeebers out of me.

I got the job I wanted.
I am going to be a teacher again.
Yep, I got the job at the homeless shelter I was hoping for.
The pay is low but we can make it work somehow. This job is a huge chance for me to serve God in a direct way. And as God reprimanded me yesterday, "How about not worrying about the money and worry about doing My will?"
Well. Yah. Yes, Sir.
So. In about a month I will be a preschool teacher again, getting back into the swing of things after being gone for 3 years. Can you even believe this?
Yah, I can't believe it either. But its absolutely true. And once again, God has given me something I totally don't deserve but He does these things because He is God and He is good.


Belle said...

How wonderful to get the job. God does give us so much!

Michelle's Day said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!! That's great!!