Friday, February 17, 2012

Maybe I've passed the test

The last seven months or so I've been through an extraordinarily hard time. One of the hardest ever. It wasn't just the one main thing that was going on, but also bunches of little things here and there going on as well that were constantly on my back time and time again. I felt like I was constantly being tested by God. Was I going to fully believe in His promises? Was I fully going to believe that no matter how hard life got, that He is still good and loving and kind and generous? No matter how scared or lonely or awful I felt, was He still going to be my Rock?

Things are finally winding down, now. Things that began last summer are finally beginning to look up again, now that Spring is starting here in Texas. It was a pretty bleak fall and winter for me at times. But God has gotten me through. Prayers are being answered. And my faith has grown. I'm happy to say that I'VE grown. God has gotten me through once again, held my trembling hand and continued to lead me on yet again. I am feeling so much better now. He is a good God.


Michelle's Day said...

i'm so very sorry that you had such a difficult time! but i'm praising God for His strength and goodness for you!! never let up your grip on Him and His Word.

Desiray said...

God always walk with us thank you for sharing your story. when I have those moments I remind myself that the Lord is even closer to me then I think. AMEN stay strong my friend