Saturday, March 17, 2012

One more time around that mountain....

I went through a huge test this past fall/ winter. For a little bit (a couple of weeks) it appeared that I had passed my test, and made it through that awful time. But as it is, I am being tested again with the same thing. The SAME thing. And I was sure I had passed before. Apparently God doesn't think so. So the same situation came up again a couple weeks ago, and I feel almost like I've started over. Again.
One more time around the mountain.
Thankfully, I think I am handling the situation better this time. I hope. Instead of constantly (and I do mean constantly) fretting, worrying, and panicking, I am trusting God to get me through this, as He did before. It is still hard... very hard. But even though I am having a hard time again, I find myself leaning on God more. And hopefully it will help. I can't wait til this particular test is over. But God is still good, and He will not leave me alone in this.

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Michelle's Day said...

Never give up hope and faith. God is full of goodness, grace, faithfulness, and love. Good or you that you're seeing the test with a good attitude and relying on God's strength to endure.