Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Change is Always Possible $25
I used to think that it was impossible to change. Especially impossible for ME to change. I didn't like change anyway. I was anti-change. The more things stayed the same, the better they were. It didn't matter if something was rotten and old. Sameness=safety. I panicked if the store no longer sold my favorite shampoo. And for many years, I didn't change. Mostly because I didn't want to... I think. Or maybe because I had such an anti-change mindset that I really made myself unable to change. Well this year I have been thrust into all sorts of changes. Not of my own doing. They were forced upon me. I freaked out for awhile. Then I figured out that I better just GO WITH THE FLOW and accept change... since it was happening anyway whether I wanted it to or now. Now over the past few months I am learning that I too can change. It's a miracle in and of itself. Hence my painting above, Change is Always Possible.

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