Saturday, August 23, 2008

My classroom is ready! (even though I'm not)

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Here are pictures of my classroom. School starts Monday.... agh! . But it turned out soooo good, and I feel a little better-- about the classroom itself, anyway. I'm NOT ready for the kids that I know are coming back (behavior challenges galore!) I do have a couple of sweet kids.
So, my friend helped me with all this, and all I had to do was give her lunch and some of my jewelry, yay!


Brandi said...

the payment was more than enough. And I am dang proud of that tree! It's beautiful!

SavannahFaith said...

Your classroom looks wonderful and inviting and I bet the kids love it and feel completely safe and open there!

And I LOVES your tree!

Seizing Destiny said...

what a cute little classroom, it looks like a fun safe place

wish THAT was the kind of school I was going back to! lol

Tammy/aka crypticfragments from the SARK board