Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Successful, Crazy Start

Can we just say a big AMEN for Fridays? Could I possibly be any happier that its finally the weekend? A bunch of teachers were mentioning today that they thought it was a really long week, but I think that I was just SO BUSY that I didn't notice. I did pretty good this week staying in the moment, not worrying about the next day, and although time certainly didn't fly by, it didn't drag on either. I have got a bunch of little firecrackers in my class, a little boy that reminds me of Stitch from the movie Lilo and Stitch, and some other real characters. Never a dull moment in my classroom, ever. I am desperately in need of another assistant and I am praying that the powers that think they be will decide to give me one because my students are very, very needy already, and more students are coming next week. Please pray that God will work in the directors' minds and hearts and make them willing to give me another assistant as soon as YESTERDAY. Last year, this was a source of constant stress, worry, and frustration for me. This year, I am going to just let go and trust God to make this happen. I trust God. I know He will take care of me.
Meanwhile, I'm making my way through paperwork and all that beginning of the year "fun" stuff. I'm hoping to have time to make jewelry this weekend at some point for some stress relief.

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