Friday, September 19, 2008

Still Sick

Well I've been camped out on the couch for I-don't-recall-how-many-days with the flu and I'm still sick. Around 11 pm I start to get a little cranky about it. A bit restless and anxious. I want UP!! I want MORE out of life than just laying there reading a book and cuddling with my blankie! (Yes, I said my blankie... its a really nice one that came from Pottery Barn, courtesy of a student & their parent years ago). There are so many things I want to DO. Like make jewelry...paint... go go the grocery store..STAND UP. I wish so much that I had some COMPANY.
Okay, enough whining. Right now I'm actually trying to finish up a book on the life of David (the Psalmist. the King. the man after God's own heart.)

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Anonymous said...

I just looked at your colorful soul website. It's very nice. I used to read your Pilgrim blog, so I am glad to see you've taken on a more positive route. I think that's great. I also see you got brave and posted a few pictures of yourself on your collage. You are very pretty.