Saturday, November 8, 2008

Gas Prices

Is this not a completely fabulous, amazing, MIRACULOUS thing?
Gas prices are once again---FINALLY!!!--- below $2.00!!!
Who would have thought that we'd ever see that number 1 on the sign again?
(Well, actually, I prayed about it for so long, so I had high hopes about it...)
(I totally knew He could do it.)
Even here in the city I live in, I have witnessed gas as low as $1.97,
and in the little town across the country where my mom lives, they have it for $1.94.
Now there are the usual negative people who are saying "It'll never last"-- and you know what, it . may. not.
How about we enjoy it and be thankful for it while we have it?
Just say HURRAY to the happiness of low gas prices again!

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Thank You, God is right! Unlike you, I doubted it would ever be under $3 again, let alone $2. Here in Oregon it has gone under $2 in a couple places but in my area it's around $2.28. Pretty darn good! I rejoice and I don't even drive!