Sunday, November 9, 2008


I wrote this yesterday in an art workshop I was in. We drew little ceramic stars that had words on them out of a box, without looking. My star had the word JOURNEY on it. Odd of course that fate would give me such a word, given that my websites are named A Mind's Journey and Pilgrim's Journey, right? We were then to journal about a topic for 5 minutes so I chose the word on my star. I normally no longer journal, given past hurts that journalling reminds me of and I no longer wish to visit those past memories, but I happened to be in a reflective mood yesterday morning:

A journey seems to be the thime of my entire life. Its interesting that I chose this word today because its also the title of my online journal and my website. I have always been on one journey or another, whether it is
To think of my life and all of its happenings as a journey, rather than a series of chaotic happenstances, offers me some comfort. To feel that I am on a path is good, that I am going somewhere. I know that God hems me in, and always goes before me, is always behind, above, before, and around me.


a space cow-girl said...

thinking of my life as a journey helps me a little bit too :-)

Master of Mudkips said...

You're right, God is the way to go. Life is definitely a journey; it keeps us going so we don't know exactly what we will end up with, but we'll find something special along the way. ;)

sc said...

dangerious minds is also one of my favourite movies that is what go me to your blog. i will return good read keep writing hope you feeling better after your injury. s.

Mandie said...

I just finished reading your Pilgrim's Journey journal... and after clicking around a bit found my way here.

Your turn around is really amazing. It's incredible to see how you've managed to gain control of yourself!

I don't mind if you don't let this post, this is just for you to read, so feel free to delete it after you read it.

But over and over I saw that you keep wishing you had a friend to talk to. I actually found your journal trying to find out what dissociation felt like, and then was too fascinated to leave.

I know what it's like to feel like you don't have a person in the world who cares. Of course I only know how that feels from my perspective, I know your situation is quite a bit different from mine.

So I wanted to offer to be one of your friends. I'm online pretty much every day, and since I already know about your personalities I can't very well freak out about it can I? -wink-

So if you feel like you need a friend to talk to about anything, I'm easily reached at just about any day of the week any time of the day.