Sunday, February 8, 2009

100 Ways to Simplify Your Life by Joyce Meyer

I have just finished reading this great book by Joyce Meyer (she rocks!!) called 100 Ways to Simplify Your Life.
I gotta say, my life was so complicated for a while that it took me several weeks to read said book.

Her book, however, is filled with awesome ideas for simplifying life, such as:
#1 Do 1 thing at a time (that's hard for me-- I'm a multi tasker, but I'm working on it.
#5 Don't worry about tomorrow (whew! Don't get me started!)
#24 Be quick to forgive (heaven help me!)
#60 Organize (can I please hire someone?)
#85 Be generous (this is actually easy for me because I love to be a blessing to others)
#71 Wise up before you burn out (I got that one just in time when I finally quit my teaching job last fall when I was ALREADY burnt out and about to have a break down)

I am making my own list of ways to simplify my life, of things I can do without. I am slowly learning (I've got to face it, these days I am a slow learner, but through God's grace, I'm getting faster as time goes by.)
Been thinking a lot lately. Been learning some things. Been listening to God a little faster than I used to (Yah, He says, you're getting a clue at last, ding-dong.) (You've got to love my Yahweh.)

Ways I am learning to simplify:
1. Don't hang out with people that are full of themselves, are selfish, are inconsiderate, moan & complain about everything,are not going to be edifying to my life .
2. I don't need to fit in with people that I used to think I needed to fit in with. Especially people that turn out to be part of above said group.
3. Put God 1st in my day. Make God the biggest part of my day. It's really true that all other things will be added unto you. Makes life much simpler.
4. Do not feel rushed or compelled to answer e-mails or posts on bulletin boards the day I receive questions/replies/e-mails if I am not ready to answer. I doubt that someone else is sitting at their computer anxiously awaiting my reply. I'm not that important.
5. Giving my things away to people who need themright away is a lot easier than saving things all up in my garage to have a garage sale this summer just to make a little money, and its a much bigger blessing to people. I might be able to make $100 in a garage sale, but by giving things away to people, those items might be worth thousands of dollars to people who really really could use them now.
6. I listen to CD's of Joyce Meyer and Beth Moore and Michael W Smith in my car on my long long drives to work. Saves me the frustration when I am caught in VERY long lines of rush hour traffic.
7. Don't argue with people when they are convinced they are right. Especially about Christianity. There are people who are going to be convinced that Christians are wrong, no matter what. Their hearts are hardened and their eyes are blind. This is a sad fact that even God has pointed out in the Bible. They are not going to understand, no matter how much I write or try to point out the truth to them. I will try once or twice to point out the truth, but I'm not going to waste any more of my time arguing or convincing. That's not my gift.
8. Rely on truth. This week I have been amazed and fascinated by some things as I have finished reading all of the New Testament and about half of the Old Testament. Its incredible. But that's another post. My life is being made much simpler as I learn to rely on what is true and weed out all the false things the world has to offer.

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