Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Get this Joyce Meyer DVD!

I have definitely found my favorite Joyce Meyer DVD. This one is so timely for me (as all of them seem to be.) The one I watched today was Dealing With the Devil: Exercising the Power & Authority of Christ. This one totally rocks.
Joyce talks about how important it is to spend personal time with God every day, how God uses our circumstances to change us-- how God breaks us in just the right places to make us into who He wants us to be (I'll say a giant AMEN to that one, having been going through THAT particular process for 13 months now.) Its also about what to do when you feel like you just can't go on anymore, the difference between resisting your problem and resisting the devil (because really, our problem isn't with our circumstances... its with the devil, as the Bible clearly states). And probably one of the most powerful and EFFECTIVE things that has changed my life, Joyce talks in it about how prayer, praise, and thankfulness defeat the enemy.
I think that praise and thankfulness through EVERYTHING, offering a sacrifice of praise, has been THE most powerful thing in changing my life the past year. At times it has been a total sacrifice of praise ( just like in Hebrews 13:15 Through Jesus, therefore, let us continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise—the fruit of lips that confess his name.) There have been times when something has come up against me--something HARD, like rejection, pain, feeling worthless and judged, and I have had to get down on my knees and tell God "Thank you -- thank you even for this-- I know you are still in control, I know you still love me... I know you are going to work this out for my good... thank you for having a good plan for my life...I LOVE YOU GOD..."
Anyway, if there is any way that you can get this DVD, GET IT!! This is one of her best ones.
I'll even provide you with the link: https://shop.joycemeyer.org/eStore/Products/JMM/PID-D180.aspx (DVD)
https://shop.joycemeyer.org/eStore/Products/JMM/PID-2515C.aspx (CD)

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Kindyland said...

I like Joyce Meyer. I saw her at a Women for Jesus conference in Florida back in the late 80s. I am 39, so I am old. She prayed for me...laid hands on me. She wasn't quite as popular then, but she was great. I think she and Beth Moore are my best friends!