Saturday, February 14, 2009

Cakewrecks... Laughing Your Head off Will Make You Feel Better!

Do you ever just need to LAUGH?
I have not laughed a lot in the past year. But when I looked at the CakeWrecks blog (the link is in the column to your right...listed in my favorite sites) I thought I was going to pass out from laughing. I love cake. I just don't like to make them or decorate them. I'm more of a "slap some white frosting on that baby and hand it over" type of person. But I appreciate a well-decorated cake because my SISTER is a cake decorator, and I like looking at cake websites. These, however, are the best I have EVER seen. These are cakes-gone-wrong...gone very, very, VERY wrong in some cases.
And I only laugh so hard because I realize that I too would do the same things, if I were in charge of decorating:

oh sweet Jesus...I thought I was going to wet my pants:
Its really scary that these people are allowed to have driver's licenses. Really.

maybe my sister could start doing cakes like this. If she had a really, really big oven:

I only laugh because I would make these same things!!

And to end on something sweet, because its Valentine's Day....
These are just really cute, precious cakes with fairies, dragons, and castles:

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