Monday, April 27, 2009

Even the Rocks would Cry Out...

Last night Hubby & I were watching The Chronicles of Narnia again and I got an idea, which quickly developed into a theory that I got excited about. For those of you who have seen it, do you recall the scenes where in Narnia the trees communicated the messages? Leaves & petals would travel on the wind and send messages to each other. Here's where my idea started.

Elephants communicate in a language we people don't yet understand. If an elephant dies, all the elephants in the area know about it, and begin to mourn. How exactly do they know? Who knows?
Same with dolphins & whales. We know they communicate & that they are intelligent & use signals, but as humans, we just don't get it.
I'm sure there are other species as well that do the same thing.

The Bible states that if man did not praise God, even the ROCKS would cry out.
That the Heavens declare the Glory of God.

Here's my theory:
That the sounds of nature, from the wind, the sound of trickling water, the boom of thunder, the crash of ocean waves against the shore, the brush of leaves against the trees, the wind blowing through the air-- all of it, ALL OF IT-- is creation calling out to its Creator. Communicating in a way that we humans just can't understand.
All of it sending messages, maybe to each other, but certainly to the Great Creator, our common Lord God who made it all, in praise and worship to Him.
Think about how soothing the sounds of nature can be. I even have a sound machine in my room that plays nature sounds at night to comfort me as I fall asleep. Who else but God would create sounds that comfort? Why would nature make sounds if it were not for a reason? God has a purpose for everything He does, everything He creates. Why would the ocean make a noise if it were not for a reason? Why would the wind make a sound? Why would leaves make a sound? I can think of no better reason than praising God.

Perhaps when we get to heaven we will be very surprised. Not just at all the colors, not just at all the beautiful scenery, but at all the music and worship that all creation makes, making music and praise to our God. Lets not miss it here on earth, too.

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Anonymous said...

beautiful theory!
i totally agree

irini :)