Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happiness Is....

a few things that make me REALLY, REALLY Happy:
  • Realizing my truest best friend, my labrador, is always right at my feet ;)
  • Sharing a piece of toast with my cat..

    • My niece showing off her latest artistic creations while we video chat across the country...

      • My little nephew talking my ear via video chat
      A few more...

    • getting ice cream & (ready for this?) CUPCAKE (yes !! CUPCAKE!!) flavored Magic Shell topping for dessert at Tom Thumb with my husband tonight
    • getting text messages from a friend
    • having a chance to have a good talk with my pastor yesterday

    • the realization that God is calling me to a deeper, closer level of relationship with Him than He calls most people (more on that tomorrow)
    • yakking on the phone with a friend while I wander around Target looking for summer clothes
    • realizing at long last that I have a strong, healthy body...and I'm not fat (thank you God!)
    • Knowing that I have a new friend, 2 new ones on the way, and 2-4 more friends in the works
    • less than 3 weeks til the Joyce Meyer Conference in Tulsa, yay!!
    • going for a hike today with hubby and enjoying the scents and sights of creation in the lovely spring weather. God's creativity rocks.

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