Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Isn't it such a great deal?

Isn't it such a great deal that we have with God? Here he is the Creator of the Universe, pure and holy who does nothing wrong, the most powerful force of all time and space. Then there's us-- we're nothing but sinners, worth nothing in our own right, who screw things up over and over again, can't save ourselves, can't earn our way to heaven. But because God is so loving and kind, despite the fact that we have shortchanged God over and over again and in spite of the fact we have nothing to offer Him, He offered His Son Jesus as an atonement for our sins anyway. And all we have to do is accept that and ask God to forgive us and say thank you. That's it. Where on earth can you get a deal like that?
Isn't it great that we have a God who loves us so much that He plans only good things for us, and when life does us wrong (as it often will)....God will find a way to make those bad things into good ones? Who else do we know would even bother?
Isn't it just incredible that God will never, ever leave us or forget us? I know I've been left and forgotten by too many people to count. This has been one of my greatest sources of hurt in life. But I find great comfort knowing that God will never, ever do that to me. In fact, God is ALWAYS thinking loving thoughts about me.
Isn't it amazing that we can talk to God any time, day or night, about ANY subject, any problem, and never fear rejection, never have to be embarassed? This is a better deal than any therapist or friend can offer any of us. God is always right there and He is always free. And God remembers that we are but dust. And, because Jesus,God's son, spent time on earth as a man, he knows just how hard it is to be human. He can relate to our struggles.
How incredible is it that we are completely known by God, and still completely accepted by Him? I don't know about you, but its been my experience that most people start to have problems accepting me once they really get to know me. God is strong enough to handle your bad days, your bad hair, your bad mood, your bad cooking, your bad habits, and your stinky feet. Yet he loves you enough to guide you towards change. And all along, He loves you and accepts you and lets you know he cares.

Okay so these are COMPLETELY random thoughts, but that's what happens when I get in the shower and start praying, and then decide, "this might make a good blog post." It sounded much more eloquent last night as a love letter to God in my mind ;)

What are some things that YOU think are a great deal that you get from God that you can't get anywhere else?

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