Sunday, July 12, 2009

Joyce Meyer Conference Part II

Well I'm obviously back safely home from the Joyce Meyer Conference in San Antonio this weekend. I made it... my 1st road trip all by myself! [I'd feel more sophisticated and grown-up bragging about that if I were not sitting here in my Hello Kitty pajamas.]
It went great. I even got off work nearly 2 hours early, so I missed all of the rush hour traffic trying to get out of the city. There were no traffic problems the entire way. I even made it to the last 40 minutes of Thursday night's session as a bonus. During the other sessions on Friday & Saturday, I got there way early and sat in the 5th row each time. I was hopefully a blessing to some people by paying for a stranger's parking & buying water for some thirsty people.

This is how close I was: Joyce was right there! She was adorable as always. Her topic this weekend was mostly about being an imitator of God, and talked some about the characteristics of God. It was awesome. She talked about how God is good all the time and we need to be good to people all the time (even on a hard day, even when we don't feel like it.) I took a lot of notes and I'll talk about some of them in the next couple weeks.
Martin from Delirious lifted some of the kids who were dancing up on the stage to sing & dance with him. They were so excited. They had really, really cool graphics displayed on the giant screens, and the music was SOOOO loud that it was vibrating through my whole body (I love that.) I just love worshipping with thousands of other people. The light show was awesome too.
One of the greatest parts was the alter call. There were 2 of them, and Joyce said that over 2,100 got saved. Can you imagine the giant party going on in Heaven this weekend over that?

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