Monday, July 13, 2009

Everywhere You've Been...

Something that Joyce Meyer said at the San Antonio conference the other night really struck me. I took a lot of notes and I have a lot of thoughts, but this is something that is really on my mind today.
I have been having a lot of nightmares again. Some of you know my story, but most of it I've kept secret. I've had a lot of struggles. There have been a lot of hard times. I've been hurt a lot, made some choices I regret, lost a lot of people I love, things like that. Lots of things I'm trying hard to forget. It comforts me though, to know that God has a good plan for my life because I love Him and follow His commandments.
Something that Joyce said the other night struck me so much that I wrote down the direct quote:
"Everywhere you've been will become part of where you're going."
This is so true. Scripture says that our steps are ordered by the Lord. God can take our mess and make it into something beautiful. He can give us beauty for our ashes. God knows my every step...everywhere I have been. He can take everything, even the painful places, and use them for good. So even those awful places I've been (and there have been some really awful painful spots, let me tell you-- and I know that you've had them too) God will use them and help them become part of the path. The path that will lead to your better life. The Good Life that He wants you to have. It doesn't have to stop at the pain. You can keep on going through the hard times, and let God use those hard times, make those crooked places straight.
It helps me to know that even when I have a difficult day now (even though they are rare now, they still come) God is using it to get me where I'm going. I used to think that some days of my life were just lost, useless. But I can see now that God had a plan to use even those days.
No day is ever lost to God. He can take everything and work it for good.

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Denise Burden said...

Thank you for taking notes and sharing them with the rest of us. Your words have helped me to get through today. May God Bless You.