Friday, August 7, 2009

A Little Miracle Today

Today I know God is hearing my prayers.
I have had chronic pain since 1987, when I 1st busted my knee. Then around 2000, a student severly injured my back-it has never stopped hurting. My back&knee have been in constant pain since then, even when I took pain relievers like crazy. The back injury also caused severe headaches. There were other reasons besides this, but the pain caused me to always want to get away & escape my body. It was always just too much to handle, & it never stopped.
Then in May 2008 I busted my knee at work. In October 2008 a student broke my arm. Not fun stuff! I've spent a lot of time & money on pain management.
For months I've been praying (and been prayed for) for healing...and saying affirmations.
And today I can tell they are beginning to work!
The baby & I laid down for a nap today. When I woke up...I was pain free.
My entire body--no pain.
For an entire hour.
I felt as light as air. If almost felt as if there were something missing, because I felt so light.
There was NOTHING in me hurting--for the 1st time in 22 years. I could hardly believe it.
I was so thankful and grateful.
Once I got up playing with the baby & moving around again, the pain began to come back.
But for that one hour--I was free for the 1st time since I was 15 years old. It was incredible.
And if it happened for an hour, I KNOW it can happen again, and happen even longer. I am HOPEFUL-- one of these days I will be pain-free permanently!!
Every day I say outloud "God's healing power is working in me right now." "Every day I'm getting better and better in every way." I know its helping.

Now, if God will see fit to soon heal my broken heart inside, I will be even more thankful. I will keep praying, and praying. If He can heal my broken body, surely He can heal my broken heart.

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Michelle's Day said...

PRAISE GOD!!!! I pray that He heals you completely and permanently very soon!