Monday, August 24, 2009

Ziplining,Wavefighting,&Flying through God's Creation

Okay 1st the best news: I am still alive & well! And all of my limbs are still intact. Hallelujah! (Those of you who know me well are probably quite surprised about that, since I am the world's BIGGEST CLUTZ.) Yes, the eyes of God have been watching me careful the past 4 days as I have had adventure after adventure.
I'm so glad that the Lord has restored my body to health because boy did I need to be in good shape the past few days. Just a few highlights: I went to Schlitterbahn (the best waterpark in the world) and played there for 7 hours. My favorite thing to do is go to the wave pool & try to walk backwards in it, against the tide, and jump into the waves. I love how the waves push against me, try to knock me down. It takes all my strength to stand up against them, run into them, and try not to fall down. I call it Wave Fighting, and its so much fun. Its also fairly exhausting. That night I was ready to go to sleep around 7:00!
I also enjoyed the SkyCoaster, which in case you don't know, is where you get strapped to a giant swing that pulls you about 250 in the air and lets you go, hurling towards the earth. Then you fly back and forth a while before landing. Once you get past the "I'm going to DIE!!!!!!!" part, its completely fun to pretend you're a butterfly or Tinkerbell.
On Saturday, husband and I enjoyed the 104 degree Austin heat as we went ziplining. It's something I wanted to do for YEARS and it was well worth the wait. I think I have found a new career! We were all hooked up to wire lines, and zipped through the air inbetween trees, climbed suspension bridges. It totally rocked. It wasn't scary at all. It was just amazing.
Another really cool thing was going to church on Sunday. We went to visit our old pastor, who used to preach to our small church of 2,000 people and now on Sunday was preaching to about 20,000 with author Max Lucado and Michael W. Smith. It was completely awesome. I love doing worship with zillions of other people. We all had glow sticks that we lit at the end and they turned the lights off, and we all waved our glow sticks in the air--it was so pretty. Afterwards we went back stage to talk to our old pastor, and he introduced us to Max Lucado, which was really neat because he is one of my favorite authors. It was pretty cool to get to talk to him.
And now I am home, all in one piece, a bit exhausted. I've got nothing really deep or philisophical to say today, except for that I am truly grateful. God's favor was shining down on me in a hundred places this weekend and I could see it. From the big things like not busting my head open ;) to little things like getting to go back stage and talk to my old pastor whom I haven't seen in 3 years, and little things like getting to see a lightning storm on the way home, having cool water to drink while ziplining, getting to experience the feeling of flying (which I love) and much more, I am simply grateful that God would allow me to have so many good experiences in one weekend.

Me,soaring on a zipline like a pro

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Michelle's Day said...

SO COOL!!!!! I'm glad you got to do all these exciting things!!