Monday, September 14, 2009

Eyes Open and Taking Risks

Ever lived life with your eyes closed? Ever become aware that you're doing that, but been content to stay that way? Safer, that may be.
Safer, but it gets boring after a while. Leaves you hanging, wondering, "what if?"
Ever started to ponder, if i opened my eyes a little I wonder what I'd see?
Scarier, but the possibility of adventure is there.
Sometimes the Lord opens our eyes. Sometimes life's tragic events open our eyes. Maybe a little of both or neither or a combination of other things.
The past few months my eyes have been opening a bit here and there.
Sometimes on places I didn't even know my eyes were closed.
Ever been like that? Your eyes open and you realize, "Ohhh.... I had no idea."
You see things with a new view. A new perspective.
You realize that you've outgrown something. Or you are ready to move into something else.
Or maybe, you are ready to stay where you are for a little while longer.
The point is, though, that you finally SEE.
You finally see.

I have been taking a lot of risks lately. God has been opening my eyes on some things. Although I still have far, far to go, some things I see with new eyes. In some things, I decide to stay a little longer. In some things I decide to change my viewpoint. Sometimes when I open my eyes I realize I have already been changed, already have moved on--without realizing it. That is always a little odd-sort of a "whoa, how did I get here?" sort of feeling. Sometimes taking risks now is a lot easier than it used to be. "Oh this? This is no problem now. Used to scare me out of my pants, but now it's old hat." Sometimes the risks still take my breath away. Sometimes I still cannot find my way out of a paperbag.

But the point is, I still now see. I no longer hold my eyes shut tight. I have become willing to open them. At least I now SEE.

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Michelle's Day said...

GOOD! Keep holding on to God and His Word. You CAN do all things (that He wants you to do) through HIS strength!