Sunday, September 13, 2009

I Will Praise

This week has been a bit of a roller-coaster for me.
On Monday, I was thrilled because God provided me with nearly $500 out of nowhere-I sold my kiln that has been on sale since March, and a few other small items. I really needed that money because I have my quarterly taxes due this month, which come to $500. Hallelujah, God had provided!
Then on Thursday, my car needed $500 worth of repairs. I was reeling. On Friday it needed almost $200 more worth of work. What the heck? God, hadn't you just given me a $500 miracle for my taxes? I thought that was for my TAXES!!!
Apparently, I had been mistaken. God knew my car was going to break down--so he had provided me the money in advance to have it fixed.
Ever have that happen? Its that whole "The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away" kind of thing. I confess I was feeling a bit like Job for a couple of days, and on Thursday I was having a pity party where I was the guest of honor. Where was I going to get even MORE money? It wasn't FAAAIIIRRR!!!! I needed $500, and lost $700. Geesh.

But then I realized by Friday night... God had STILL done me a miracle. He had still given me a great gift. Provision is provision. So yah, I still have to come up with the money for my taxes and I have no idea where that's going to come from. I still don't have to worry about it though. God is my provider. Maybe he is setting me up for a bigger miracle.... I don't know. Perhaps he is testing my faith, I don't know. Even though he gave me almost $500 on Monday, and I ended up paying out nearly $700 this week on my car, I still happily tithed $50 this morning in church, as I promised him I would. It is the least I can do in appreciation.... well, except possibly removing myself off the pity party invitation list, which I did when I got my head back together this weekend.

So today I will praise him and give thanks to him. Not just because God is my provider, but because of Who he IS- because he is God. Because he is the righteous one, because He holds me in his hand whether he has a gift in the other hand for me or not. I praise him because HE is worthy- even when my car breaks down. I praise him because he is worthy when he's doing miracles for me or whether he chooses not to. All I know is, it isn't for me to worry about. I just need to keep being faithful, and keep my eyes on His face. He will work everything out for my good.

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Michelle's Day said...

good -- this is good! keep up the positive thinking!!