Tuesday, September 8, 2009

God Provides AGAIN!

God is always faithful to me in little ways but sometimes He just blows me away.
I pay my taxes quarterly because I am considered self-employed. This month I needed to come up with an extra $500 to pay them. I do not exactly have that kind of money laying around, so I prayed that the Lord would provide me with it somehow- I knew He'd have to get creative as I've already sold everything in my house I could part with.
Well, yesterday, out of the blue, a lady drove two hours to buy my kiln I've had for sale since March. The price? $450!! She paid in cash. I was SO thankful!! Then in the afternoon, I had someone want to buy a teacher organizer of mine for another $25. Then last night, I had another teacher offer to buy a bunch of things from my old classroom-- at least $40 worth of stuff. That is MORE than the $500 I need!!!
And I'm so excited because the tithe I can pay off that $500 will be go into the offering this Sunday towards something I want to buy towards the new building the church is working on. I am SOOOO incredibly grateful and God is SO, so good. I have been telling everyone I can think of what God has done for me this month.
Another incredible thing God did, but it wasn't for me-- at church there is a man who is a firefighter. He has a friend at the station who was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the beginning of the summer, Michael. His friend is a single dad with a little girl. The tumor was the size of a baseball. He also had leukemia. We have all been praying for him all summer. Last week he was pronounced CURED. Not in remission...CURED!!!
God is so good and mighty. He is still in the business of miracles, my friends.