Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I am a New Creation

I was listening to Joyce Meyer's CD set on Total Transformation the other day, and one part just struck me like a lightning bolt. I ended up listening to the same sentence she said at least 5 or 6 times to make sure I heard it right, until a little lightbulb went off in my head. And I hope that I can repeat it here correctly, because I really want to make sure that other people understand it too:
When I became a Christian, the OLD ME died with Christ. I am now a new Creation, who is daily having my mind and spirit renewed by God.
That old me-the one who was hurt, abused, neglected, forgotten about, lied to, hurt in so many ways-- is gone. That is the old me, who died with Christ on the Cross. That old me no longer exists. I do not need to carry her pain, her memories, her aches, her anger/loss/grief/ depression/ fears any longer. Christ took care of her already. She has been made into a new Creation. One who has a hope and a future. Someone who is completely loved by God.
Someone who is completely accepted and cared about. The past is gone-as far as the east is from the west. That old, hurt person is gone. God has made me into a new creation- someone he is making into a happy, free, and loved child of His. I may not be totally "there" yet every day in every way, and some days I may be farther along than others, but I'm definitely not where I used to be, thank God-- and I'm definitely on my way.
Just something I wanted to pass along.
For more of Joyce Meyer's incredible CD resources, I'd recommend
Where the Mind Goes the Man Follows, The Battlefield of the Mind, & Total Transformation

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aL|e said...

I've been reflecting this past months and I realized that you can only have peace in mind, joy in your heart when you are with him...we just have to keep our faith in him and all things will work together for good.^_^

BTW, do you mind if we exchange links? love your site...