Monday, November 9, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Have you ever noticed that there are so many "busy" people in the world these days? Ask anyone over about 12 years old how they're doing, and the answer is most likely, "I'm SO BUSY!" "Busy,busy!" Why hasn't someone gotten together for coffee with you, called you back, returned that e-mail? Oh, so busy! Busy busy!
Perhaps you are one of those people.
I see it in facebook statuses (statusi?), twitter updates, Christmas letters, those quick e-mails "will respond more later-so busy now." Mothers of toddlers say it with exhaustion. But I have noticed something else: many people say it with pride. BUSY, they say. I'm so busy I don't have time to sleep/eat/bring in the mail/take care of myself/take time to relax anymore.
Being "busy" seems to have become a badge of honor.
And I wonder....
Why is it so good to be busy these days? Why do people seem to be bragging when they talk about how busy and stressed out they are?
Are they trying to win a prize?
Get people to sympathize with them? (It seems to work-someone mentions how busy and stressed out they are, and they get six "oh my gosh I SO.Hear.You!'s and a hug.)

Yet someone says, "I'm not stressed out or busy.... I've learned how to give myself a break. I take things easy. My life is in balance. I work some and play some and sleep some and its all working together pretty well---"
and people look at you like you've got a 3rd eyeball growing out of your forehead and then either respond with a
1)"Hm. I see." (While they look down their nose at you, trying to figure out why they know such a loser as you)
2) "Well, aren't you lucky to have such an easy life!" (laugh, ha ha!) (Meanwhile they are mentally picturing you with no job, eating bon bons while watching soap operas in your pjs, sleeps all the time, and by the way, your sink is probably overflowing with dirty dishes, too, you Loser!)

Face it. In today's world, Busy & Stressed is what people think is "in."
This is not God's way. Even God rested after 6 days of work. He didn't have to. He chose to. And WE must choose to also.
John 14:27 says that we should stop ALLOWING ourselves to be agitated, disturbed, our upset. Stop letting yourself get stressed out!
Have Balance. Learn to say no (its easy, once you get used to it.)
You make your schedule. You make your choices. You out, she's gonna say it...
you make your own stress.
It isn't our circumstances that upset us and stress us out.
Its our reaction to our circumstances.

Last week I had 2 car accidents. I was in a LOT of pain. I was on the phone right and left with insurance and people I didn't know. Was I stressed? Nope. I chose not to be. I am also thinking of putting a big yellow CAUTION triangle on the back of my car ;)

Joyce Meyer has written some awesome articles about stress and relaxing. There is also a great book by my former pastor, Randy Frazee, called Making Room for Life that teaches how to balance your work life and your home life-- read it! You can get it on amazon.
Also, read these articles by Joyce:

In the meantime... go take a walk. Take a nap. Learn to take care of yourself. Okay? Take off your busy badge and replace it with a nice blanket and a cookie.

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Michelle's Day said...

Thank you for the reminder. I tend to make life too busy and stressed, but life doesn't have to be miserable! Walking WITH Jesus, in His light, life can be peaceful AND all the necessary work will get done.