Friday, November 6, 2009

Oh How He Loves Us...

The time change has really thrown my week for a loop, how about you? Its been wonderful being able to drive to work in the daylight again--makes it feel like summer. Not so wonderful driving home in pitch black darkness, as that brings up a lot of yucky stuff for me, but I'm dealing with it. For some reason its also made me really sleepy at night, so going to bed has been easier. We have also been having some incredible weather where I live-- you couldn't ask for more perfect fall days.
I am often in bumprer-to-bumper traffic and I have the opportunity to take in my surroundings. Thankfully, much of the highways are surrounded by woods, large patches of grass, and flowers. The morning sun has been shining bright. I can watch streams of sunshine pour through the trees, where it lands upon manicured lawns and fountains. Right now the leaves are just beginning to change color, and I'm enjoying firey red and orange foliage that is hit gracefully by the sun's rays.
And the other day something struck me:
When God created the world, and the seasons, and the trees, and the sun, and water, and EVERYTHING...
He didn't have to make the air have a sweet scent to it. He didn't have to make grass have that certain smell after it rains. The water doesn't HAVE to sparkle in the sun. God didn't have to make flowers in thousands of varieties and colors. The suns rays didn't have to flow through trees. No one MADE God fill the world with hundreds of variations of colors, or leaves that change... as well as thousands of types of people, animals, trees, even frogs, ants, and insects we may never see.
God COULD have made the world grey, flat, and dull.
Maybe that would have been quicker, easier, and.... it really would have been all we deserve, because... honestly, I know that I,personally as a sinner, don't DESERVE this beautiful world God gave me.
So WHY did God make the world like this? Why is the world SO.Incredibly. Breathtakingly.BEAUTIFUL? Why mountains, glaciers, caterpillars, no 2 snowflakes alike,babies smiling, a thousand shades of skin color... why so much when He didn't have to?

I believe it is because He loves us.
That's all.
He did it because He wanted to.
He loves us, His children. And He wanted to give us a glorious place to live.
Out of love, pure & simple.
Because He is Good, and Holy, and Righteous, and Wonderful.
Oh, how He loves us. Oh, How He loves us so.

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