Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Do You Ever Want to Freeze Time?

Have you ever just had one of those moments with your little one where she was just so enjoyable, the moment so beautiful, that you wanted to take a pair of scissors, cut the scene out, and paste it up on a wall so you could look at it forever? Complete with the feelings, the sights, the smells, the touch of her hand, the sound of her giggle?
That is SO what I wanted to do this morning!
Baby and I were out on our regular morning walk. Its fall here in Texas, finally. I used to hate fall, the cooler weather coming, but have now reconciled myself to the fact that summer must end sometime. I have begun to enjoy the goldish-red leaves and the cooler breeze, the pumpkins and gourds on everyone's doorsteps.
This morning it was perfect out. Sweaters but not mittens. Cool breeze but not cold. The sun is shining golden through trees, and the leaves were slowly floating down, swirling, in front of us, when the breeze would blow.
And the baby, having a silly morning with me, was giggling and singing her favorite song which is basically the word "ball" over and over again in different sing-ish tones.
I had just gotten done talking to my sister and calling my mom to wish her happy birthday, and was listening to my iPod-- my favorite song of the moment which is David Crowder band's "How He Loves" (see my post last week for more on that awesomeness)-
so not only was I thinking about the love of God but how much I love His creation and awestruck by the beauty He has created and listening to the baby sing and knowing that the people I love the most are all well at this very moment-- and then some leaves caught the sun as they tumbled down.
And I thought, man, God is GOOD.

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