Thursday, November 19, 2009

Remembering what the Lord does for me

Right now I've got a HUGE prayer request going up to the Lord-- if anyone would help me out and pray for me. I really need peace from God and guidance from Him about my job situation. For privacy's sake, I can't really spell it out. But, I'm in a situation, and I need God to show me what HE wants me to do, and give me His peace and His wisdom. I need His provision. A few signs spelled out in the sky that say "Hey Pilgrim, Do THIS!" wouldn't hurt, either.

Often when I need something from God, I find that it helps me to remember His faithfulness and His goodness by remembering other things God has done for me. I know He's there; I know He can take care of me. I don't know why little doubts get into my mind (well, I DO-- its that Ephesians 6 spiritual warfare thing going on).

So let me tell you a few things that God has done for me lately-- I think you might enjoy hearing them.
  • A HUGE prayer has been answered--one I have been praying about for nearly TWO years!! For privacy, I can't really say what. But it was one that I honestly had really pretty much given up on. After 2 years, you kinda say, "geesh, forget it"-- but in the back of my head I still kept thinking a little thought of, "maybe today will be the day it gets answered...ya never know...." And then one day, about a month ago now... it WAS the day. Through a friend of a friend, and a couple of e-mails, God made a connection for me and WHAM-- a prayer was answered. I'm so excited!
  • A few weeks ago I had a car accident and my car was totalled... I had to write a pretty big check as a down payment on the new car. BIG check. Made things pretty darn tight. Last week in the mail I received a check from the other guy's insurance company that reimbursed me for nearly half the check I wrote. I don't understand why-had to do something with the value of the totalled car minus something plus something or...who knows what.... doesn't matter. I got a little bit of my money back. Yay!
  • I've had a real revelation on the love of God. Remember that song I posted a couple weeks ago by David Crowder Band "How He Loves" ? I have had that song stuck in my head for 2 weeks. Almost constantly (SOOOO much better than "The Wheels on the Bus", let me tell ya.... And since I've had that song going through my head, any time a tough situation comes up, my thoughts go to how much God loves me and how good He is. That song is really reaching inside my heart to remind me that no matter what, I am loved by God. Isn't that totally cool?

He is Good. He is Able. God is the God of more than enough, and He loves you. I would love it if people who read this blog (and I know there are many of you) would PLEASE comment this time and tell me some of the prayers God has answered for you--'kay? Thanks.


Michelle's Day said...

God answers my prayer daily (more often than that, actually -- more like constantly) for strength to keep putting one foot in front of the other, to keep doing what I'm supposed to be doing, to not give up, to not melt down into a rocking, crying mess, to put on a smile, to praise God, to look for ways to bless other people.

On a more day-to-day/normal topic, God always answers my financial prayers. I never know how things are going to work out with bills, but they always do because of His miracles.

Anonymous said...

so glad your 2 year prayer was answered :)
i do believe the others will be as well.

God answers my prayers in many ways. a solid support system after a very long time without that-major changes in family relationships.... recently a way was provided through a channel i NEVER would have expected to go somewhere i really wanted to go and that provides deep spiritual renewel-much needed right now. thank you God, i leave in the morning.

we hope you have a very blessed thanksgiving.