Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Multiple Intelligences Test

Since I'm up late tonight, I am taking random quizzes on the internet. This is one I haven't taken for a while-- multiple intelligences, which measures your best learning style (there are 8: Eight Intelligences
Verbal/Linguistic-love writing or speaking and memorization.
Logical/Mathematical- love logic and reasoning.
Visual/Spatial- good at remembering images and are aware of surroundings.
Bodily/Kinesthetic- have good motor skills and are aware of their bodies.
Musical- musically gifted and have a "good ear" for rhythm and composition.
Intrapersonal - good at looking inward.(me)
Interpersonal- good with people and thrive in social interactions.
Naturalist-sensitivity to and appreciation for nature. (that's me)

Here is a link to where you can take the test yourself:
Here is my result: not surprising to me, I learn best by hands on/doing things, and guess what...people skills are my worst thing. Hence why I sit behind a computer all day and spend my days hanging out with a baby. I get to isolate, and get all the love I really need from someone who is knee high to a grasshopper.

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