Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Stupid kids joke

So, I'm kind down lately but here's something that made my husband and I laugh a while ago. I'm bringing it back up again because its so goofy that it still makes me laugh:

What's green and has wheels?




grass! I was just kidding about the wheels!

(so that is the ORIGINAL joke I heard...)

So here's how stupid my husband and I are and how slap-happy we can get after a long day of work....

I told him the "what's green and has wheels joke" and I was laughing so hard. He was like, "uh...huh."
So then I added on,'
"Whats BLUE and has wheels?"
"The SKY! I told you I was kidding about the wheels!"
he thought THAT was funny.
Then I said...
"What's red and has wheels?" and my husband said,
"An apple...cuz you're kidding about the wheels."
and I said, " car! I'm not kidding about the wheels anymore!"

by this point my husband was game... he said, "Whats orange and has wheels? " and i said, "What?"
"An orange... I'M still kidding about the wheels!"

that joke got a lot of mileage around my house :P

yah, now you know the slap-happy intelligence level that can spread around our house sometimes...

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Michelle's Day said...

thank you for making me chuckle! i'm going to tell my kids that joke in the morning and see if they get it and start making up their own variations :-)