Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rescue a Life

It is so easy these days to help a child.
If you choose not to turn the other way.
At places like Joyce Meyer Ministries, their Hand of Hope Missions is doing their Rescue a Life mission right now. It is so easy to help save a life.
I'll make it even easier for you. Go to this page. Click. Give. You're done.
The past few years I have been making it my mission to not stand by and do nothing when there is a child in need. I can't, anymore, just do nothing. There are too many children who need something. Whether it is a hug or a meal or a bottle of shampoo or a children's book or a new Bible or some new clothes or some school supplies-- I can help. So can you. Its so easy, if we don't turn a blind eye.

I remember several years ago when I was teaching... there was a child in my class who was in need of glasses. He couldn't see without them. At all. There was a meeting about him, and meeting his educational needs. But his education was suffering severly, because of his extremely poor vision. It came up that the glasses would help a great deal--and he had needed them for quite some time. But they were special glasses, and quite expensive. The school departments didn't want to purchase them (too expensive, you see), and the parents were way too poor to afford them.
But if he could just get them...they would help. Everyone knew it.
Finally, in the meeting, I just asked. How much were these darn glasses, anyway? I was afraid to hear the answer-- expecting them to cost hundreds of dollars.
You know what?
Not even a hundred.
For less than a hundred dollars and all these years, this child could have been seeing.Learning.Thriving. Instead of struggling. Over an $89 pair of special glasses that no one wanted to pay for. It just about made me want to bang my head on the table.
I could not turn a blind eye to that need. I paid for the glasses myself, and they arrived shortly after--opening up a new world to this child. A completely new world. He didn't even realize before that our classroom had LIGHTS. And he started to thrive.
It is so easy to just overlook the little things, or think that someone else will take care of something. But... just like the glasses, which had been passed by for YEARS, probably everyone else thinking someone else would take care of them, someone has GOT to say, "I will not stand by and do nothing."
Another wonderful place to help save a life is Compassion International. I'll write more about that again in another post, but its another easy, safe, and amazing place to rescue a child.
Please help these kids. There is nothing more important.

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Michelle's Day said...

good post! the glasses part really got me -- seems like SOMEONE would've helped earlier than YEARS after he needed them. but that's always the way we look at things -- SOMEONE will do it. :-(