Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I Remember

No one has ever asked me. Everyone else talks about it, but i never have, since no one has ever asked.
So today i am just going to write about it. Since no one has ever asked.

The morning of september 11.2001 was such a beautiful day... I still remember driving down the road to school and thanking God for such a clear blue sky. My class was a wreck as usual. I took them outside to recess early.  As we were coming back inside one of my teacher friends told me the news. We spent the rest of the day listening to the radio, we didnt have televisions in class back then.
Everything seemed unreal. Remember when the world was innocent enough back then that a terrorist attack seemed unreal? Remember when not feeling safe in your own country felt unusual? Isnt it sad that nowadays its a constant nagging thought, that those things could happen again any minute?

At home that day my husband took us to get gas. He took his gun with him. The line at the gas station was so long. My husband had never taken his gun anywhere with us. Now he takes it everywhere we go, even church.
My heart is still stuck  in the terror of that day. My heart still aches over the news reports, the people trapped in the buildings, the fire fighters. It still feels like yesterday. It still feels real. I wish after 11 years i could leave it behind.
My mind still wonders where God was on that day.
Anyway.., thats about all i have to say today. I just needed to write this someplace.

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