Saturday, February 16, 2013

God is so Faithful

Hi everybody, its late but i wanted to write a little note to say how i am so grateful i am that God has been so faithful to me. He is so good and so loving. After years and years of having difficult jobs where things were hard day after day, or I didnt like my boss or someone I worked with, or I wanted to be somewhere else, God has blessed me with an incredible job that I just love.
I am working as an administrator and specialist at a little school. I love it. I have the opportunity now to teach teachers. I get to share resources and help others. I can still be with kids all day, but I am not down in the trenches anymore. I teach teachers how to handle special needs and behavior challenges, but I dont have to deal with it all day myself.
I have a long commute but it is my guaranteed alone time every day, and with the hours i work, i miss rush hour traffic. Its my time to pray, listen to my Joyce Meyer and Beth Moore cd's, and call my family.
This whole job was given to me by God. And He is enabling me to do it well. It comes naturally to me, and i have fun there every day. I look forward to Mondays! I cant wait to get there every day to see my friends and all the kids.  I have been there nearly six weeks already, and its gone by so quickly. Every morning I tell God thank you for blessing me with a job that I love so much.
Just in the past few weeks God has brought me a long way. I am feeling so much better and so much happier. I am trusting God much more because its so obvious He is taking care of me. Hehas proven himself faithful time and time again.

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Pearl de Theophania said...

What a lovely praise report! God is truly awesome! Congratulations on your great blessing!