Monday, October 27, 2008

A Whole New Life!

Hi everyone! I haven't been updating because I've had so much going on and a injured wrist/elbow/shoulder (which a child did to me) which keeps me from typing. I have to do it one-handed which is slow-going!
I have exciting news. I have gotten a FABULOUS new job as a nanny for an infant girl who is just PRECIOUS in every way.
She has sparkly eyes and the beginnings of a smile.
In the next couple of weeks I get to start taking care of her.
Yes, I have quit my job as a teacher, after getting hurt repeatedly in my classroom, endless stress over the past 13 years, getting sick over and over again, and getting no support from administration.
So I said ENOUGH.
I LOVE the kids in my class. I loved my job. I loved being a teacher. That will never change. I loved my new school.
But you have to draw the line somewhere. So I did. And here I am.
Thus starteth my new life.

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Kindy said...

It sounds like that will make you really happy. I hope it works out for you.