Tuesday, March 17, 2009

God's Favor

One of the things that Joel Osteen is always talking about is God's favor on our lives as His children. It's one of my confessions that I say out loud also that I learned from Joyce Meyer: God gives me favor everywhere I go. I have favor with God and with man. I love everyone and everyone loves me (well, I'm still waiting on everyone to realize that one.) ;-)

God takes care of His people. It probably happens more often than I realize, but God does give me favor. He helps me get to work on time every day, even though I drive through rush hour traffic in one of the biggest cities in the U.S. every morning and every afternoon. He keeps me safe. Just a couple weeks ago, I put a bunch of books and DVDs up for sale on Amazon. In a matter of merely days, 90% of them sold and I made enough money to go to the doctor. At the eye doctor a few weeks ago, the doctor, knowing I had little money and no insurance coverage the emergency appointment, made a deal for my payment, and it cut my bill in half. He didn't have to do that. In the past week I have won 2 Joyce Meyer CD sets on Ebay that I really wanted. God's favor could get me the raise that I need (and hopefully deserve) at work one of these days, so I can afford to pay my bills more easily. God's favor could cause someone to want to buy our house, even fall in love with our cute little brick house from the street and wonder if its for sale, and come offer us money. God's favor could even cause Joyce Meyer to somehow read my blog, and say to herself "Hey, I think I'll GET that girl up on stage to tell her story." God's favor could get the 2 people who broke my heart in the past couple of years to come back and apologize to me, and even want to work things out.

Hey, it could happen. God can do anything.

I had a little surprise of God's favor shine down upon me this afternoon that I'm excited about. I got a front row seat to a Michael W. Smith concert this Friday. It's just a little off the center in the front row. I've been a huge fan of his for a long time, since I was a teenager, and this is the 1st time I've ever managed to get to the front row. The closest I ever got before was 2nd row, and the time that I met him in person at a book store a long while ago.

What was a nice surprise was that when I called about tickets today, the lady didn't HAVE to tell me about the front row seat she had available. That's God's favor. The concert is to help raise money for a school/ church. Since I wanted to help out and give them some money, I asked if they had any higher priced tickets available. Since I'm going to the concert on my own, they had some spots up front available. Long story short, I'm up front. Yay :)

Its not just because I'm a long-time fan that I'm looking forward to the concert. I have been needing a really good praise and worship service to be in. Not just to lift my spirits, but I need some organized worship time to lift my hands to God. Not just me-and-my-iPod-in-the-living-room-worship-time, but a real time of hanging out with hundreds of other people.

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